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5 Steps to MORE LEADS & BIG M.O.N.E.Y

Whether you are starting a new business, looking to jumpstart a new career, or want to find the perfect recipe for a low cost-high impact marketing strategy use the "5 Steps to More Leads and Big M.O.N.E.Y" to effortlessly connect with highly profitable clients and increase sales while saving a bundle on your overall marketing budget.

  • Sales professionals who are using social media to
    promote themselves, but haven't unlocked the code
    on how to make sales with these tools.
  • Business owners who are ready to grow their business
    and are ready to learn a far more effective and powerful
    strategy than traditional marketing methods.
  • Entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and small business
    owners who are tired of spending money on marketing
    that delivers few, if any, highly quality leads.
  • YOU if you are ready to stop pursuing and start attracting
    your ideal clients!

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You know it. I know it. What used to work in business just isn't
cutting it. The "old school" methods of "set it and forget it",
are actually getting you "forgotten".
Using the same cheesy lines as every other Sales Agent to ask for referrals isn't working anymore. And clients don't appreciate you always "asking" for business every time you contact them.
And the "new world" tactics of social marketing are rarely done properly, leaving professionals spending hundreds of hours trying to generate leads without much luck.
In today's world, people are looking for more. They don't want you to chase them down for more business, they want you to connect with them organically, and stop being sold to!
It's no longer about simply selling. It's about determining what your unique offering is in a highly competitive marketplace, which clients are a best fit for you, and how to effortlessly and magnetically attract them – so your ideal clients are clamouring to work with you!
Because you've now stepped into a bigger game. You're now learning to work with clients how they want you to work with them. You have become an ASSET for your clients. And that, my friends, is where you begin to make the biggest impact and attract dedicated, highly committed, highly invested clients.

Position your business as an ASSET...
  • Magnetically attract your target market by learning how to talk about what you do in a way that will appeal to your ideal clients and have them hungry for more information.
  • Build a hugely profitable business by having a razor sharp focus on who your ideal client is, where they are located, and how you can help them in a way that they want to be helped.
  • Multiply your reach exponentially by finding networks of people that are exactly like your ideal client – who you have learned to work with in a way they love.
  • Save boatloads of money on marketing that doesn't work. After this 5 Step Program you should never, ever, waste money on marketing that doesn't deliver serious bang for your buck.
  • Save hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to promote your business in a low cost, high impact way.
  • Boost your sales and your profits without feeling sales-y. Clients will be coming to you, instead of you chasing them.
  • Effectively grow your business in a way that you and your clients love!
Sue Pimento - ScotiaBank District Manager
Mark Evans - Globe and Mail Social Media Writer
Here is what you are going to learn...
  • The #1 ingredient you MUST have to GROW YOUR BUSINESS EXPONENTIALLY if you want it to deliver maximum results.
  • The #1 Mistake Professionals make in their marketing, that costs them thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of wasted time.
  • 3 ways to boost sales and make absolutely IRRESISTIBLE invitations to the people you want to attract.
  • The biggest "turn offs" professionals make when trying to win new business and exactly what to do instead.
  • 3 secrets to growing your business with a proven and repeatable recipe

See you at the webinar! - Ingrid

Having helped countless businesses and organizations grow exponentially with her proven 5 Steps to More Leads and Big M.O.N.E.Y method, Ingrid teaches professionals how to get spectacular results with a razor sharp focus on building a business that is irresistible to your target market.
In the past Ingrid has helped:
- An insurance company increase sales over 300%.
 - A property management company increase website traffic and add 600 new names to their drip marketing database.
- Rebrand a tired mortgage product into an exciting "win-win" product that instantly saw increased sales and heightened consumer interest.

Opal Hustins - Sales Representative Prudential Renascent Realty

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